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Eugenia Yuan
Founder @ Live Your Twenties

Hi, I'm Eugenia and welcome to the Live Your Twenties community!

I established Live Your Twenties when I was 25, right in the middle of my 20s, when I've had some wild, crazy fun, and have started to seek meaning and fulfilment in my life.

I set out on my journey looking for answers to some big questions. Questions like: "Who am I?", "What am I good/bad at?", "Who are my real friends?" and "When should I be committed to an intimate relationship?" 


I still don't have the answers yet. They are constantly being rewritten as my life goes on, but I have learned so much from the stories and insights shared by friends around me, especially those who are often older, and wiser than me. Their perspectives helped me a lot with my confusions and anxieties. 


And then I thought, perhaps these stories and insights can benefit my peers too, right?


And similarly, perhaps I can also share from young people's perspectives, to support the relationships with our parents?  


In this modern world, we are surrounded by a huge amount of information on a daily basis: social media, online shopping sites, dating apps... There is always so much going on, all fighting for a piece of our time and attention. 

That's why I want to set us a space for retreat. A space dedicated to your personal growth. A space for people who are loving, supportive and genuine to come together.

In the end, I would like to share with you, my favourite word, "Antevasin". It is a Sanskrit word, which means one who lives at the border of worldly life and the forest of spirituality. Yes, most of us still have a worldly life to live, but we can choose to live a life of growth and insight, independent of the trend, the norm, or the opinion of others.


If you like Live Your Twenties, join our community and be a part of it. Share it with your friends and family, and with those whom you think may benefit from our stories, insights and resources. 

Thank you. We look forward to travelling this exciting journey with you.


Renaud Laine
Co-Founder @ Live Your Twenties

Hi there, I’m Renaud, a twenty-something Frenchie currently living in Melbourne. I joined the Live Your Twenties adventure as I believe that this could be a great place for twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out how to live their life. I mainly help out with the technical aspects as I love (and am quite good at) playing around with IT stuff. 

And yes, just like any twenty-something, I sometimes make impulsive decisions, and I am sure that some of my life choices would have been different if I've had access to more guidance and support from people who share similar experiences. I'm helping to build this platform so other twenty-somethings can enjoy the benefits, and I invite all of you to come and join us to spread the goodwill.


Last but not least, I am big into sustainability and circular economies, and I hold the firm belief that environmental protection is something everyone should play a part in for a better collective future. One of my big goals in life is to find effective ways to combat climate change. I look forward to discussions on the topic on Live Your Twenties!

If you also believe in this community and what it can do, feel free to get in touch to contribute or share some ideas. Hope to hear from you soon!