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 What if I want something different from everyone else?

Is a university degree really that necessary?

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Career Assessment

It all starts with getting to know yourself.

If you are wondering what type of jobs may suit you or what type of work you may enjoy/be good at, this blog article written by Millennial career expert Sarah has a few career assessments and personality tests tools for you to try out. 

In the end, we are going to spend a big chunk of our life (one-third of a day) at our workplace, so it's definitely worth spending some time to narrow down the options.

Small Company or Large Enterprise? 

To be or not to be? There is no right answer. 

Shall I start my career in a small or big company? Till date this question still bothers me personally... While getting into a highly-reputable firm can add some bright touches to your resume, the real question is, what do you value in a job? Salary? Career development? Team environment? Or creating an impact? 

If you are wondering the same, check out this article from Glassdoor. It may not give you an answer, but it certainly provides some good perspectives.

What do these super successful people say?

25 career advice to make up your own success formula.

Although no two career success pathways are the same, we can certainly borrow some wisdom from people who have been super successful in their career.


This article from Business Insider summarised 25 pieces of career advice from 25 super successful people. They are unconventional and suited to twenty-somethings, especially if you've had enough of those "work hard and keep trying" type of talking.  

Perhaps you haven't heard those before...

Some more career advice, but they are genuine so I quite like them.

Yes I know you probably had enough advice already, but I found this one on Hubspot quite fresh and unique still...If you don't have time, just read the headlines, it takes less than 5 minutes. If you find something helpful that you haven't thought about before, then congratulations, and hold on to it to translate into action! 

Building a Career Framework (Needs Patience)

A bloody long article...but really fun to read and really practical.

I put this article from Wait But Why at the end because it's soooo long, but it is truly an amazing piece!


Although the actual article is quite long, it is broken down into many sections so it's actually quite an easy read, and since it hits the pain points so well with those terrible but funny hand-drawn pictures, it's probably the most genuine piece you can find on the career-choice topic. I won't ruin it for you, go have a read yourself!  

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