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Getting to Know Each Other

36 questions to help build a relationship.

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This is an article in the Modern Love Section in New York times. A very interesting experiment that seems to have sparked intimacy between many who go through the 36 questions. 

Whether you want to try it with your current partner, or with someone you have in mind whom you have feelings for, it would be a fun experience getting to know each other better. Do keep in mind though, falling in love is the easy part, and staying in love is a hard one. 

Have You Found Your Missing Piece?

A story about loving ourselves and loving others.

This short video is based on a drawing book called "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O" by Shel Silverstein. I won't spoil the content, so watch it yourself.   

Many people ask the question: When would I meet the right person? What does my Mr./Mrs. Right look like?


The answer might be within ourselves. 

The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs

We are only human after all...

I'm sure we are all somehow familiar with the idea of "loving ourselves before loving others", the video in the previous section did a pretty good depiction of that. But we are still human beings after all, and we all hope to have our needs met somehow in an intimate relationship.


So how does this work? What happens when our needs clash with our partner? What if our needs change? This online course will help you find out. You can audit the course for a free version, or you can pay to earn a certificate.

Relationship Support for Everyone

Wherever you are. Whatever you need.

It's time to face the truth: not every couple will be living "happily ever after". In fact, most of them don't. 

All relationships face conflict, and most of them will resolve in time, but not all. If you ever feel at a loss, check out Relate for some helpful resources. They cover many aspects of an intimate relationship: from getting together to breaking up, from sex to family life and parenting.


Yes, things can get really difficult, but remember, time can heal.   

Love is Respect.

The essence of a healthy relationship.

If you are wondering whether you are in a healthy relationship, or if you would like to build a healthy relationship with your current or future partner, check out


There is no perfect relationship in this world, but everyone in a relationship should be treated equally with love and respect. Sometimes things can get out of hand, and it can be hard to decide whether we should try to fix it or just leave it. In the end, it will be your decisions that shape your life, and I hope we are all treated with love and respect by our partner as we should.  

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