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Why am I always so anxious and worried about not being good enough?

Is life always this hard, or is it just when you are in your twenties?

I feel like I'm walking in a dark tunnel and I can't see the light, what can I do? 

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 Free Online Resources 

Some Inspiring Ideas...

Sharing ideas, experience and the latest findings.

This collection of TedTalk on mental health shares some powerful stories of people who have been through a difficult journey on mental health, many of them I find very inspiring. It also has a few health professionals sharing some refreshing views and findings on the topic.

In the end, mental issues/illness should not be a tag to put on people. It is a dynamic state that changes constantly, and having a different life journey than others does not make you weird, it makes you strong and unique.


Educating Ourselves...

Let's have a clear headspace first.

Headspace has some pretty awesome resources on mental health, and they even have their own meditation app! Although it is suggested for young people aged 12 to 25, the message is clear and concise so I find it helpful even I'm older than 25 (oooops...).

If you are trying to have a better understanding of your mental health issue/illness, perhaps have a look at their website first before just Googling everything and drown in the amount of information on the Internet. Hope you find the articles helpful too!

Support Around the Globe

Wherever you are. Whatever you need.

CheckPoint has listed some great mental resources for people around the world. They have developed some video games to help you achieve mental wellbeing and build resilience!


If you are into gaming, this is a super cool global community where you may find your fit!

Absolutely Free Resources!

Oprah has a lot to say when it comes to mental health.

We would love to share with you this article that listed 13 absolute free mental health resources. But that's not it. Oprah has also shared some of her personal experience with mental health and has interviewed quite a few celebrities on this topic. Plus she is working with Prince Harry at the moment on a mental health documentary series as a part of the HeadTogether initiative.

Check out more of her mental health talks on!

Alternatives to Therapies...

This one has it all!

I'm sure many people have found therapy helpful, but honestly, not everyone can afford it, especially if you are in your twenties.


If you are looking for some alternatives or something alongside therapies, this article has put together 80 free or very affordable mental health support services for you. I have to say I really admire and appreciate their effort on that, so if you have time for some web-surfing, dive right in and try some out! 


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