Piggy Bank

Why is it so hard to save money? How can I control my spending?

When should I start thinking about investment?

Is it best to keep everything in a bank account?

How can I be debt-free?

Personal Finance Resources

for Twenty-Something

 Free Online Resources 

A Bit of Everything...

Getting some general ideas around how things work.

Money Under 30 provides lots of free resources to help young adults make sensible financial decisions. Whether you would like to learn more about Credit Cards, Banking, Loans, Investing or Insurance, they have some helpful "how-to" articles to get you started, especially if you are based in the U.S.

I would personally suggest being careful with those "The Best" recommendations, but it is a good place to grab some basic information and advice.

Digging Deeper...

Structured learning by CashCourse.

If you have heard/completed CashCourse, great! If you haven't, what is better than a free, well-structured online financial education program with practical scenarios and tools?!


The CashCourse team also provide free support and advice, and since they are a not-for-profit, I would say go for it and take advantage of this great initiative!

Money Maker in the Modern World

Adapt to the times and start making money online!

If you are a twenty-something, you have probably witnessed the blooming of the Internet and the businesses that thrive upon it: Google, Facebook, Netflix... While a stable income from an office job is certainly nice to have, the Internet has provided us with so many more opportunities to make money online, and you can definitely make a living or a good income from it if you master the skills.

Check out this blog article from LifeHack for 35 ways to make money online!

But Where Did It All Go?

Budget tracker and planner in one place.

So we've talked about how to earn money and all that, but have you wondered what happens after money goes into your savings account? Does your number grow, or does it remain the same or even go down dramatically after some shopping, food, drinks, and travelling every once in a while?  

If you are looking for insights into your spending habits and looking to save more and spend wisely, Mint is worth a try as it's perhaps the most popular free all-in-one finance management tool. Hope it helps make things easier in this consumerism society where almost every business want a piece of you!

Thinking about Investment?

Welcome to a whole new world, and be cautious while you dive in it.

So after setting aside your daily expenses and emergency fund, you find out that you still have some spare money on the side, and are wondering if they can be at a better place than your savings account?

Welcome to the investment world!

Before you enter the game, it's good to know the rules and settings, especially the risks. It's always good practice to have a diverse investment portfolio, and the fine balance is what you need to test and figure out.

Use this blog article from NerdWallet as an intro and get started on your investment journey!

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