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Dream Job Vs. High Paid Job?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

"What should I choose in my 20s: A job that is well paid, or a job that I really like but does not pay well?"

The first thing to consider is being able to support yourself - if you have a low income, you have to adjust your budget accordingly and not mooch off of parents or friends in pursuit of your dreams, because you may be tempted to coast along rather than really focus on what it takes to achieve your goals.

There is a way to be well paid and do what you love, provided there is a demand for what you have to offer - and that may require some additional coaching or mentoring, but certainly some research to make sure it is viable. It may also mean that you need to look at several small gigs rather than one full time gig - for example, five x one day gigs = full time work.

Alternatively, you may choose to take the 'high paid' job for a while to build up a cash reserve whilst working part time on your passion project or side hustle. This way you can test the waters and make your leap when you have tried and tested your ideas (this would be my recommendation).

Ultimately, I believe that the future of work is gigs, not jobs. I believe that technology will replace many repetitive tasks, so we will need to be able to adapt to what is available and spend up to 20% of our time every week learning new information to be able to attract and maintain the best work available that is aligned with our skills, knowledge, networks and circumstances.

Also, even the best work you can find will most likely be only 80% perfect, there will still be 20% of something you don't enjoy about it. So, if the work you have is 80% aligned, then it is definitely worth considering and you can follow your dreams after hours in various ways.

Also, don't forget that even people who manage their money and build assets that generate income can lose it all at any time, and may have to start again, at any age. But what I can say is that your expenses are usually a lot less in your 20's than they are as you get older, so it is definitely worth giving things a bit of a go in your 20's if you have some support available - but please, remain focused on achieving your goals - don't plateau too soon and use up other people in the process. How to do this is outlined in my book, 'Gigsters - Any Age or Ability Employees, Experts and Entrepreneurs.'

All the best,

Sue Ellson

Career Development Practitioner

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